FARMER-FAIR cocoa & chocolate products with a story. Tasteful, without compromise.

With HOLY COW we reveal the sensory wonders of the seasons.

We do this by comparing chocolate made from cocoa harvested and processed during the monsoon season (Jun-Sep) with cocoa from the dry season (Nov-Jan). Both grown with respect for nature in a beautiful and biodiverse environment. The subtle difference in taste between the Monsoon and the Dry edition is surprising, natural and authentic.


For gourmets with a preference for everything that is genuinely tasty! An unforgettable flavour experience: high quality, seasonal and 100% traceable with an exceptionally sustainable story!

When making our chocolate (products) the saying "less is more" applies: a minimal use of ingredients, less sweet, more taste, no additives! Deliciously natural and tasteful but also because we want to make full use of the naturally developed 'fine flavour' of our cocoa!

Our expertise: single-origin speciality cacao

From the farmers who harvest the cocoa fruits, to the fermentation and drying of the cocoa beans, over quality control, packaging, storage and shipping: "we know our beans". The cocoa is grown in the Idukki hills in Kerala and receives the "Fine Flavour" award, a special category with special taste characteristics, but also with good traceability, good genetics, unique origin, good harvesting and post-harvesting practices, higher quality and certification.

Verwerking van chocoladebonen
Kerala, India

Honest, transparent & fair. From the beans to the packaging.

After more than 5 years of working and living in Kerala, a state in the south of India, we launched HOLY COW. Our goal? Offering more value and stability to the cocoa farmers themselves. By sharing our unique cocoa story and our know-how about the post-harvest process, we want to amaze you with honest and fine, seasonal "flavours" that will tickle your taste buds.

Luca & Ellen oprichters van Holy Cow Chocolate
— Luca & Ellen
Founders of holy cow chocolate​

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