The sensory wonders of the seasons.

Seasonality is a gift of nature that we can now also experience and appreciate in a piece of chocolate!

With HOLY COW, we awaken the sensory delights that come with seasonality by comparing chocolate made with cocoa harvested and processed during the rainy season (Jun – Sep), with cocoa of the dry season (Nov – Jan), both grown with respect for nature in a beautiful biodiverse landscape.


The impact of the annually changing climate conditions on the cocoa harvest and the variability of the fermentation and drying processes are interesting factors when it comes to taste development. As with wine, we learned that not every harvest is 'the same'. And once we dive deeper into it, we see that in a certain harvest year each season (dry & monsoon) can again play its own role. Instead of wanting to create an identical chocolate every time, we embrace the deliciousness of seasonality. The subtle taste differences between the 'Monsoon' and the 'Dry' editions are surprising, natural and authentic.


For gourmets with a preference for everything that is genuinely tasty! An unforgettable flavour experience: high quality, seasonal and 100% traceable with an exceptionally sustainable story!

When making our chocolate (products) the saying "less is more" applies: a minimal use of ingredients, less sweet, more taste, no additives! Deliciously natural and tasteful but also because we want to make full use of the naturally developed 'fine flavour' of our cocoa!