Chocolates for chefs who want to make a difference


(mini-) DROPS

Honest and high-quality chocolate, silky smooth with a delicate flavour profile. Artisanally produced in Belgium from bean-to-bar with premium cocoa sourced from our own sustainable and transparent cocoa company from Kerala, India.

Perfect for making pralines, desserts, ganache, cakes, chocolate milk, ice cream, etc. Here, HOLY COW offers two recipes: 85% Monsoon or 70% All Seasons.

8-10% of the total number of cocoa solids is natural cocoa butter from our own production. This provides a smooth texture and makes it a great chocolate to get started with.


Roasted and broken fine 'specialty' cocoa beans, artisanally produced.

In Kerala (India), the whole beans are fermented, dried and lightly roasted before being peeled and broken into smaller pieces. They are packed with pure cocoa flavor (with no added sugar) and have a crunchy texture similar to nuts. They are the ultimate chocolate superfood packed with antioxidants and other nutrients.

Ideal to add to smoothies, oatmeal, muesli, cake mixtures, or as a topping on ice cream, yogurt or savory meals such as salads or roasted vegetables.

Aromas and flavours: from woody, nutty and spicy to pronounced fruity with floral notes


An exclusive, fruity and natural cocoa powder, made from the same beans used to make the chocolate. Not bitter at all!

In Kerala (India) the roasted cocoa nibs are ground on stone in a cocoa mill, until they obtain a smooth cocoa mass. From there, part of the fat (the cocoa butter) is extracted and the "cake" remains. The cake is then finely ground into powder, but still contains more than 20% cocoa butter, which creates a soft and round taste that brings out the typical flavor notes of the cocoa beans. And that is exactly why this powder does not undergo chemical alkalisation, which darkens the color and neutralizes the taste. No, we keep it yummy natural!

Aromas and flavours: fruity, raisins, wood and nuts


Mini chocolates or Neapolitans (5 g) for coffee/tea, as a delicious and honest gift in the hotel room, for the reception or on the counter of your coffee bar? Also nice for the 'coffee corner', meeting room or promo item in a goodie bag. The possibilities are endless! 

Available per box of 6 kg (+- 1168 pieces). 

The paper wrapper can also be personalised from 25 kg – all you need to do is provide your corporate identity and logo. The inner foil is 100% biologically recyclable.

There's nothing better than giving your employees and customers a taste of what FARMER-FAIR chocolate stands for: a sustainable cocoa chain, quality and seasonal flavours.



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