Mini-chocolates box

Bean-to-bite sized chocolates in a beautiful box.

Small treats for coffee/tea, to spoil your guests or as a daily guilty-free treat for yourself!
Also great as a gift!

Here you choose the "All Seasons" recipe with 70% cocoa – "smooth, bright and balanced flavors"

OR, the "Dry" recipe with 85% cocoa – "bold, pure and lively flavours"

And the box contains 40 pieces of mini chocolates or Neapolitans.

The foil around the chocolates is 100% biologically recyclable. Can be disposed of with the organic waste.


  • Made in Belgium
  • No lecithin, vanilla (flavouring) or other additives
  • 100% traceable cacao – ‘single origin’ Kerala (India)
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • 100 % Vegan
  • Fair trade


Min. 70% cocoa solids, of which 11-13% natural cocoa butter – single origin Kerala, India and 30% Belgian beet sugar.

FREE FROM cocoa blends, untraceable (deodorised) cocoa butter, (vanilla) flavouring, lecithin or other additives

Taste: sweet (honey)
Aroma: buttery (toffee) and fruity (hint of citrus)

The cocoa is grown in the Idukki hills in Kerala and receives the "Fine Flavour" award, a special category with peculiar taste characteristics, but also with excellent traceability, good genetics, unique origin, specific harvesting and post-harvesting practices, higher quality and certifications.

Variety of beans: Trinitario and Forastero
Fermented in cascading wooden boxes (wood type: Wild Jackfruit)
Sundried under UV greenhouses, on wooden tables with nets
Hand sorted and selected by women of the local community

Shipping within Belgium
  • up to 10 kg: 5 euro
  • shipping to dpd pick-up point (pickup parcel shop): 4 euro
  • free shipping from 50 euros
  • free pick-up at: Holy Cow Chocolate, Martelaarslaan 362, 9000 Ghent (by appointment)

Shipping Italy
  • up to 10 kg: 15 euro
  • free shipping from 75 euros

Shipping Germany
  • tot 10 kg: 11 euro
  • free shipping from 45 euros

For other countries: contact us.